Blackboard Specials

Our very popular blackboard specials run daily and feature more traditional Japanese food and some
new dishes created by our expert chefs.

We stock a good range of authentic sake to compliment your dinner. Our sake can be consumed hot or at room temperature.
All our sake is imported from Japan and prices vary.

Our Banquet menu offers diners a range of Japanese dishes including:

Ainoya Blackboard Specials


Boiled soy beans

Seafood Ceviche

Mixed fresh seafood (sashimi), daikon, cucumber, tomato, coriander with citrus-soy dressing.

Soft Shell Crab Karaage

Deep fried soft shell crabs

Agedasi Tofu

Lightly fried tofu in warm dasi sauce.

Gyu Tataki

Marinated thin sliced rare roasted beef.

Mixed Sashimi

Teriyaki Chicken

Wagyu Steak